Drama at homeless shelter meeting

 It was an AGM with a difference! Cardboard Citizens - Britain's only homeless people's professional theatre company, gave a short interactive performance during this year's annual general meeting of the Passage homeless shelter next to Westminster cathedral on Thursday. Actors Tony McBride, Terry O'Leary and Emilia Teglia began by playing out the story of one street homeless man's efforts to find a food and a roof for the night. Later some members of the audience - staff and friends of the Passage - including Bishop Victor Guazzelli took part in an improvised scenes from the play. Founded by the late Cardinal Hume more than 20 years ago, The Passage is the largest street homeless shelter in London, offering food, clothing, shelter, support and advice to hundreds of people each year. In the past twelve months it has set up a number of new initiatives, including a mentoring scheme with volunteers from Barclays Bank working with shelter clients, and expanding its direct outreach work with people who sleep on the streets. Bishop Patrick O'Donoghue, who was chair for ten years resigned following his recent appointment as Bishop of Lancaster. Daughter of Charity, Sr Ellen succeeded Sr Bridie as the new director. She said: "My first year has been an incredible journey which has required measures of faith and perseverance. It has been a journey of huge, but often joyful, discovery and of considerable heartbreak over the frequently unintentional cruelties of society, that result in extreme poverty and sometimes injustice. The learning curve for me has been very steep but I have been supported throughout by deeply committed staff and volunteers." Cardboard Citizens run worshops for writers and actors. For more details call: 020 7387 6688 or e-mail: mail@cardboardcitizens.co.uk

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