Bishop of Lancaster appeals for Lenten fasting and prayers for peace

 The Bishop of Lancaster, the Rt Rev Patrick O'Donoghue issued the following letter yesterday. My Dear Friends, At this critical time in history when war seems to loom its ugly face I ask you all to turn to the Lord Jesus in prayer and fasting. Next Wednesday we commence the season of Lent, a time traditionally associated with a search for renewal and a deepening of faith in the great event of the Resurrection of the Lord Jesus, a time of great hope. I address the whole diocese and beg you all to turn to the Lord in prayer and fasting - we all have so much to pray for but let the main intention be 'Peace'. Let us pray for Peace between all nations - we think of the Middle East and especially the nations of Iraq, Israel and Palestine. Let pray for each and every person who lives in those lands. Let us pray for Peace in the hearts of those who govern that the Holy Spirit of God may inspire them in their search for peaceful resolutions. Let us pray for peace in all our hearts that this season of Lent may lead us all to the hope that Springs eternally from the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. May I ask you all to pray fervently and to make next Wednesday - Ash Wednesday - and all the Fridays of Lent, Days of Prayer and Fasting. I am confident that if we persevere in this we shall see the Lord's blessing of Peace. I ask that this be read at all Masses on March 2nd and beg all who hear these words to respond generously to their call for Prayer and for Fasting during this our Holy Season of Lent. I send to you the Lord's blessing,

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