Cardinal Cormac attacked by Today Programme

 Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor was questioned again by the BBC Today Programme this morning, over the way he has dealt with allegations of sexual abuse. Last December, the Cardinal said that he had sent the files on ten historic cases brought to his attention when was Bishop of Arundel and Brighton. He said on the programme: "I was concerned to see that every case where allegations had been made was assessed by a professional." However the programme said it had found evidence of a further case not included in the Cardinal's list. Reporter Angus Stickler said he had copies of letters dating back to 1993, outlining allegations made by a woman who said she had been molested by a priest when she was 12. The Cardinal admitted that the case of this priest had not been included in the ten. "In good faith I said there were ten. But I didn't remember this one." The Cardinal said the priest was investigated at the time and social services and the police decided not to take the allegations further. He said the priest, who is still working in a church attached to a school, was assessed by a psychologist and "the conclusion was he was not a risk to children". "It is one of my sorrows that any failings in the system seem to indicate the Catholic Church does not care about child abuse - this is not the case," he said.

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