Human clone trial a failure

 Controversial fertility doctor, Panos Zavos, who told a press conference in London, last month, that he had transferred a cloned embryo into the womb of a 35-year-old woman, has now admitted the attempt was unsuccessful. Responding to the news, Josephine Quintavalle, Director of Comment on Reproductive Ethics said last night: "Nobody will be surprised to hear that Zavos has been unsuccessful in his latest attempt to clone a human baby, except for the unfortunate vulnerable people he targets with his ridiculous publicity stunts. "Who can possibly take Zavos seriously? He claimed without evidence to have implanted a frozen cloned embryo. What nonsense! Why did he freeze it in the first place? That would have been a recipe for instant failure. Anybody who knows the first thing about the difficulties associated with embryo freezing knows about the almost zero survival of embryos cryopreserved following pre-implantation biopsy. Cloning processes are infinitely more delicate and at the same time more invasive than embryo biopsy. Freezing was never going to be successful." Dr Zavos has vowed to continue efforts to create more cloned human embryos to be implanted in women until he gets the desired outcome. But Quintavalle said: "The world by a huge majority says no to human cloning. It is time for the would-be cloners Zavos, Boissellier and Antinori to bow to the wisdom of this majority, and stop playing silly games with the media." Source: CORE

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