Birmingham wraps up Bull Ring church to make Poverty History

 Hundreds of CAFOD campaigners gathered in Birmingham on Saturday to kick-start the Make Poverty History campaign across the West Midlands. In the first event of its kind in the UK, they joined forces with activists, church leaders, other faith leaders and campaigners from other Christian agencies, to wrap a giant white band, the symbol of Make Poverty History, around St Martins in the Bull Ring church. Entertainer Don McLean also joined the throng making a Mexican wave around the church and shouting Make Poverty History, putting the West Midlands on the map to Make Poverty History in 2005. Up to 400 campaigners came from Shrewsbury, Stoke-on-Trent, Worcester, Bishops Castle, Tamworth and all over Birmingham to hear about the forthcoming campaign plans for the region. They heard a message from CAFOD partner Charity Musamba of Jubilee Zambia, calling for increased and urgent action on Trade Justice, Drop the Debt and more and better aid. CAFOD West Midlands Regional Organiser Helen Mosely said: "CAFOD supporters from across the West Midlands are raring to go. Many have put their names down to come to Edinburgh on 2 July for the G8 demonstration and pledged to fill trains and coaches of Make Poverty History supporters to send a powerful message to the G8 meeting in Scotland. "We want Tony Blair to turn his warm words into action for the worlds poorest people promises will not be enough." Make Poverty History launched on 1 January in the UK to focus on the need for world leaders to take action in 2005 to tackle poverty. 30,000 children die every day, 100 million children can't go to school and 800 million people go to bed hungry because they are poor. Make Poverty History is bringing more than 150 organisations and thousands of people together to demand action from world leaders to do something about it. They are calling for trade justice, drop the debt and more and better aid.

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