Bristol: parish to hold service in Holocaust Chapel for victims of genocide

 As the world prepares to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the liberation of Auszwitz, a Bristol Parish is waiting to welcome people from all traditions to a special service of prayer and remembrance. The Catholic Parish of St Nicholas of Tolentino has a Chapel in Alfoxton Road, Horfield, Bristol which is dedicated to St Maximilian Kolbe and St Edith Stein and other martyrs from the Nazi death camps. In this Chapel dedicated to the memory of the Holocaust and maintained as a focus for work and prayer for the struggle against all kinds of oppression and injustice, a Holocaust Memorial Service will take place on Sunday 30 January at 4.30 pm. The Service will use predominantly Jewish prayers and reflections and will also remember the victims of Genocides that have taken place more recently. Parish Priest, Father Richard McKay, said: "With conflict still dominating the Israeli / Palestinian situation, and so much violence and terror in Iraq, there is a profound need for Christians and other partners in faith to pray for peace, justice and a lasting stability for all who share the land we call 'Holy' and throughout the Middle East region." "We warmly invite friends from any tradition to join with us in remembering prayerfully the tragedy of the Holocaust that destroyed six million Jews and hundreds of thousands of others."

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