Baby survives failed late abortion

 The case of a child who survived a failed late termination - as reported in yesterday's Sunday Times - draws attention to the brutal reality of modern legalised abortion, Comment on Reproductive Ethics (CORE) has said in a statement. After the procedure failed, the baby was born in the 23rd week of pregnancy, treated for seven weeks in intensive care and is now healthy and growing well. A CORE xpokesperson said: "This is one of the most barbaric stories to come to light in recent years, and underlines more than ever that modern abortion is no less abhorrent than the back street abortions of the past." "This failed termination was performed in a clinic run by one of the UK's most well-known abortion providers. The mother in question had been sent home on a 3-hour train journey, convinced that the baby she was carrying was no longer alive and that it would be delivered dead the following week. Instead, she began to feel fetal movements, and in great distress regretted what she had been subjected to in the abortion clinic. "Courageously, she then did everything in her power to allow her little boy a chance of life, and fortunately the neonatal intensive care experts at Hope Hospital, Salford, were successful in saving his life. "It appears that it is not uncommon for babies to be born alive following abortion procedures, and the author of the case study in question claims to have seen such unfortunate babies on more than one occasion. "This however was the first time he had intervened when the baby had reached a gestational age where it had a chance of survival. One has to ask on what grounds the abortion was approved in the first place, given that this was a perfectly normal baby. And why was the mother not provided with proper care and counselling in the first place, given that she changed her mind mid-abortion. It appears that many women alter their decision about late abortions when they are given the time to reflect. "We ask for a Parliamentary inquiry into the practice of late abortion in general; for specific details of how frequently babies are born alive during abortion and where this data is recorded; and for a thorough investigation into the standards of care in private abortion clinics in the United Kingdom. "It is clearly time for a complete reform of the Abortion Act. No civilised society should tolerate what has happened to this poor little boy or the even less fortunate babies who do not survive." Source: CORE

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