Support grows for Edneth Gotor

 Last week we ran an article about Edneth Gotor, a Zimbabwean woman who fled to the UK after her family was killed for their opposition to the Mugabe regime. Her church in Teeside are running a campaign to save her from deportation after she was refused asylum in this country. A number of readers have got in touch to ask how they can help. Sister Gemma Simmonds CJ, from St Edmund's College Cambridge, sent a message to Frank Cook MP for Stockton North appealing for his support for Edneth. Sr Gemma wrote: "I am writing to express my concern over the fate of an asylum seeker in your constituency, Mrs Edneth Gotor. Edneth Gotora's husband and child were murdered in Zimbabwe and she was beaten and raped so repeatedly that she had to be hospitalized. Despite this, she has just lost her application for asylum in this country on the grounds that it was her husband who was the activist. She fears she will be killed if she is sent back. I cannot believe that this is not an adequate case for someone to receive asylum, and that we as a country would effectively support such treatment of women by failing to protect her. "I am a religious sister whose order has members in Zimbabwe. We know from our own experience what a very real and present danger there is to political dissidents in Zimbabwe, and I urge you with all possible strength to use your influence to protect Edneth Gotor and offer her asylum." Mr Cook replied: "Thank you for your E-mail regarding Edneth Gotora --- please believe me I am doing all I can to remove the threat of deportation --- your message will be of some assistance to our campaign, as will your prayers." To send a message to Frank Cook MP, e-mail:

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