European Parliament condemns trade in human egg cells

 Campaigners have praised a European Parliament resolution passed yesterday condemning any trade in human eggs cells. "This resolution is perfectly timed," said Jana Tutkova from Comment on Reproductive Ethics. "Only days ago the United Nations General Assembly, in its declaration against all forms of human cloning, highlighted the risks to women and the dangers of exploitation that egg harvesting involves. It is exceptional that the European Parliament has approved a statement which reiterates these concerns. "The resolution acknowledges amongst other issues the high medical risk to the life and health of women, resulting from hyperstimulation of the ovarie , and recalls that the human body should not be a source of financial gain and that particular attention should be paid to vulnerable individuals at risk of becoming victims of trafficking. "With the HFEA due to report on gamete donation and the Department of Health's extremely enthusiastic endorsement of egg donation, these warnings could not be more timely. We question the competence of the HFEA in approving the exploitive egg donation programme in the Bucharest clinic, which the Romanian government has now closed down. "From a CORE perspective the focus on alternatives for the prevention and treatment of infertility is particularly commendable. We are conducting research into this area of women's health and would like to see much greater Governmental investment into such solutions. "Finally the resolution calls on the Member States to take measures to prevent the exploitation of women in the application of life science and instructs its President to forward it to all EU institutions and parliaments of Member States. This is a superb day for the dignity of women!"

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