Cleft palate abortion doctors will not face charges

 Two doctors who performed a late term abortion on a baby with a cleft palate will not face criminal charges. The Crown Prosecution Service said yesterday that they were satisfied that the doctors had acted in good faith. Joanna Jepson, the Anglican curate who instigated the judicial review, argued that the abortion constituted an unlawful killing. A spokesman for Abortion Rights welcomed the decision, describing the case as "a hook for the anti-abortion lobby to get doctors prosecuted for doing their job." Paul Tully, SPUC's general secretary said: "Clearly the baby who died in this case has suffered an injustice and it appears this will not be redressed." In a press release, John Smeaton, director of SPUC, said: "Abortion of a baby on the grounds that the child has a cleft palate is lethal discrimination against disabled people, as is any abortion on grounds of disability. We are taking legal advice on this matter. On the face of it, the appropriate legislation under which to take action would be the Human Rights Act, and we are exploring this further." Source: SPUC

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