Southwark remembers Oscar Romero

 Southwark's Catholic Cathedral held a special Mass on Palm Sunday to mark the 25th anniversary of the assassination of Archbishop Oscar Romero - murdered while celebrating Mass because he spoke out for the poor and dispossessed of El Salvador. The stations of the cross service at St George's Cathedral was based on CAFOD book: 'Guiding Light: A Way of the Cross with Oscar Romero'. South American musicians from the diocese led the music for the service. Bible reading and quotes from Romero in English and Spanish added an authentic South American feel and helped bring Romero's legacy to life. CAFOD Southwark regional organiser Paul Whittle said: "Romero is an inspirational figure for El Salvador, the Catholic Church and CAFOD, who worked closely with him before his death and continue to fulfil his legacy by supporting development and human rights projects in the country. The 12-year war has scarred the country and traumatised its people, violent gang crime and human rights abuse continue. "The anniversary of his assassination and move for beatification make his death highly pertinent, particularly at Easter. People found the service very moving and thought-provoking." The service also offered an opportunity for people to learn more about the Make Poverty History campaign. CAFOD is a leading member of the Make Poverty History coalition that is challenging world leaders on delivering trade justice, debt cancellation and more and better aid for the world's poorest countries. Archbishop Kevin McDonald was among many who signed a Make Poverty History action card, which will be sent to Prime Minister Tony Blair. He said: "I think it is vitally important today that the richer countries not only help poorer countries but take the necessary action to put poor countries on a firm foundation so that they can develop in freedom and dignity."

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