Daughter of Charity to speak at House of Lords

 A member of the Daughters of Charity working in partnership with CAFOD in Ethiopia, will speak to MPs and Peers today, during a visit organised as part of the Make Poverty History campaign. The Leader of the House of Lords, Baroness Amos invited Sister Medhin Tesfaye to come and talk to the parliamentarians when she visited the Daughters of Charity project in Makelle, Tigray, in February with CAFOD. Sister Medhin will talk about the development work of Daughters of Charity, including its health and social support programmes. She will also explain the importance and value of such work as well as highlighting the limitations to development imposed by lack of funding. Baroness Amos said: "I was deeply impressed by the work of the Daughters of Charity project. Sister Medhin's experience in tackling the consequences of poverty and disease in Ethiopia will provide a valuable insight for British Parliamentarians. They will be very interested to hear about the convent's work, just as I was during my visit to Tigray. I am looking forward to welcoming Sister Medhin to the House of Lords." CAFOD Ethiopia programme officer Les Gunbie said: "When the Baroness heard that Sister Medhin was planning to visit London on CAFOD business, she invited her to speak at the House of Lords. It is a real opportunity for Sister Medhin to share with those in positions of influence the reality of working at grassroots level of development. "Development issues are often discussed within the UK Houses of Parliament but rarely by people who work day in day out with those living in extreme poverty. Sister Medhin will be able to tell those who help shape the UK government's development policy how their decisions affect the lives of Ethiopians." The Daughters of Charity helps around 143,000 vulnerable and marginalised people through its health and social care programmes. At present, they run 11 projects in the Diocese of Tigray, Northern Ethiopia. These include: four clinics, three kindergartens, two women development programmes, ne housing project, one street children programme and various other social and pastoral programmes such as our programme for the elderly, assisting women with post-childbirth fistula problems, prison ministry and pastoral programs.

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