Christian campaigners say: 'make peace an election issue'

 Christian peace campaigners are calling on on politicians to make peace an important election issue. The Network of Christian Peace Organisations, of which Pax Christi is a member, have produced a General Election Briefing which focuses on four main areas: - The need to invest in peace by reducing military spending and increasing funds to conflict prevention programmes. - The need to challenge continued Government promotion of arms exports and Government subsidies to the arms industry. - The need for the UK to live up to its legal obligation to negotiate nuclear disarmament and to take a lead in the global abolition of nuclear weapons. - The need for the UK to take responsibility for the turmoil created by the war in Iraq, to support demilitarisation in the Middle East and to play a positive role in supporting peace processes in Israel/Palestine. Bishop Malcolm McMahon, National President of Pax Christi said: "Christians have a responsibility to ensure that global issues of peace and security are put on the election agenda. Over the past four years we have seen all too clearly the devastating impact that war and ongoing injustice have had on the most vulnerable in our world. Too often we in the UK have contributed to this suffering when policies that seek security through fear and military might are used. Scripture tells us that real security comes when justice is realised". Copies of the briefing are available from the Pax Christi website at: or from the Pax Christi office, tel: 020 8203 4884

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