Faith groups call civilised election campaigning

 As the General Election campaign moves into full swing, a diverse group including the Jewish Council for Racial Equality (JCORE), the Churches' Commission for Racial Justice (CCRJ), the Muslim Council for Religious and Racial Harmony UK (MCRRH), together with other faith-based and secular groups, called upon all politicians in a joint statement today to refrain from negative campaigning which can lead to the demonization of our communities. The group urges that every effort must be made to protect people from the damaging effects of Islamophobia, racism, and antisemitism. Secretary of CCRJ, the Revd Arlington Trotman said: "We appeal to all politicians to use language that respects the dignity and humanity of all people including minority ethnic and faith communities, people seeking asylum, and Gypsies and Travellers. We recognize that unguarded words and emphases could lead to incitement to racial and religious hatred of people who, for generations, have come to live and settle in these islands." Director of Jewish Council for Racial Equality, Dr Edie Friedman said: "We deplore the increasingly negative tone of electioneering in the General Election campaign, particularly around the theme of asylum and immigration. In the battle for votes politicians should remember that Britain has and continues to benefit economically, politically, spiritually and culturally from the presence of immigrants and refugees who should not be dishonoured in the run up to May 5." Concerned about the erosion of people's civil rights and liberties, Chairman of MCRRH, Imam Dr Abduljalil Sajid said: 'The social and economic deprivation of youth in terms of educational attainment, career progression and community facilities must be addressed, and with the new anti-terrorism rules, the presumption of innocence until proven guilty must not be undermined.'

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