Birmingham: Archbishop says society needs clearer moral principles

 The Archbishop of Birmingham has reminded voters that a General Election is a good time to remember that: "Our society needs clearer moral principles". Preaching during a special Mass at St Mary and St John's Wolverhampton, on Sunday, to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the opening of the church, Archbishop Vincent Nichols said: "If Catholics 150 years ago had to struggle for recognition, then we have to struggle for recognition of those principles and values which should shape our shared life in Britain today. "Think of the setting of our society today. Much is good, compassionate and caring. Yet last week the House of Lords gave permission for the creation of human life for no other purpose than the production of spare parts and potential cures for other people." The Archbishop told the congregation: "Last week the Royal College of Nurses told us how an entire generation of pupils are being pressurised into early sexual activity, through sections of the media and the view that sexual activity is entirely a matter of choice for each individual. So diseases and abortion among teenagers are soaring." Archbishop Nichols stressed: "Our society needs clearer moral principles in these and other areas. It is our task to argue for them, to press our lawmakers to respect and enshrine principles regarding life and procreation that are reliable and true. In the long run this will make for a healthier and happier society for all. "A General Election is a good time to remember these things, especially when voting on Thursday." In celebrating this Anniversary, Archbishop Nichols emphasised the courage and tenacity of those who helped to establish the parish and those who have been its members over these 150 years. He spoke of the Giffard family, of the martyr John Sugar who was executed for his faith in 1604, and of Mr John Hawksford who, in the early 1800's, was the first Catholic Mayor of Wolverhampton.

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