Daughters of St Paul celebrate Golden Jubilee

 The Daughters of St Paul, will be celebrating 50 years at the service of the Gospel in Great Britain this week. The order, who run the Pauline Books & Media Centres in London, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow and Slough, will celebrate the Golden Jubilee of their Foundation in Britain with a Solemn Mass of Thanksgiving at the Holy Family Church, Trelawney Avenue, Langley, Slough next Sunday at 3pm. The principal celebrant of the Jubilee Mass is Bishop Arthur Roche, Bishop of Leeds. Sr Mary Connell, regional superior of the Daughters of St Paul said: "We began in 1955 as a small group of sisters, working in faith and with few resources. We now have grown into an established apostolic venture here in Britain. Our many friends and supporters are most welcome to join us in our celebration of giving thanks to God for what, through His grace, we have been able to achieve." The first Pauline Books & Media Centre began with four sisters, previously based in Rome, setting up a Centre in London, near Brompton Oratory. Today, the four Books & Media Centres in Great Britain are part of a wide network of about 300 Pauline Books & Media Centres located in many large cities of the world. These Centres offer a comprehensive range of modern and well-produced religious books and periodicals, cassettes and CDs, videos and DVDs, posters and calendars, catechetical materials as well as interactive computer software. The product range is renowned for being excellent in quality and truly ecumenical in spirit. The Sisters also maintain a website: www.pauline-uk.org and a production department for religious visual and audio materials; they work closely with a committed, qualified lay staff in making and distributing their products. While the mission of the Daughters of St. Paul who are also known as the Pauline Sisters, propels them along the modern highways of information and religious communications, the deepest heart of the Sisters' identity is their consecration to God, lived in community, and nurtured daily by the Word of God and the Eucharist. This is what gives meaning to their ministry, and deep joy to their lives. The Daughters of St Paul are an international Congregation of women religious with more than 2.500 members living and working in 53 nations hroughout the world. The Sisters, who have a fundamental relationship to St Paul (hence their name Pauline), dedicate their lives to bring the Gospel with the means and the language of communication, so that the Word of God may reach everyone. The Founder of the Daughters of St. Paul, Blessed James Alberione (1884-1970), shared his vision with the members of the religious communities that he founded: "Books, radio, television, movies, and all other means of communication are the 'pulpits' of today; the recording studios, production houses, book centres are the 'new cathedrals' from where the Daughters of St Paul announce the Gospel." This fiftieth anniversary is an occasion for deep gratitude to God and to all those who have known, befriended, accompanied and worked alongside the Daughters of St. Paul in these years of growth. Sr Mary Connell concludes: "As we Daughters of St. Paul continue to entrust our future to God, we look forward in faith, hope and love, in collaboration with the Church and our Pauline collaborators, to making Christ known and loved as 'the Way, and the Truth and the Life' (Jn.14:5)."

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