Quest for missing war memorials

 Some time ago we ran a story about the Catholic Children's Society, who, with a group of people were looking for a war memorial that once stood in the grounds of the children's home where they grew up. Today we received the following report from historian Keith Langridge, who is leading the search. If any readers recall seeing one of these memorials, please get in touch. Mr Kerridge writes: I thought you would like an update on the work progress on the memorials I am working on. The North Hyde memorial that we are looking for has not been seen so far, the Imperial War Museum memorials section has a postcard copy picture of the memorial where it once stood, but nobody has yet taken a photograph of it recently. If that happens then the museum will contact me and let me know where it is at the present day. The names on that memorial are pretty hard to distinguish and I am not able to find many of them. The North Stifford memorial that has some names from the North Hyde memorial and home there, is at present going to be completely restored as a part of the housing estate being constructed around it. The headmaster and teachers house is already finished and is a part office and part accommodation. The water tower is very resplendent and makes for a very pleasant central focal point, whereas some of the workshops have yet to be worked on or pulled down where appropriate. One of the problems encountered is that most of these boys were sent to Canada and some to Australia. To read the original story: Mystery of the lost war memorial see:

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