Glasgow: Stella Maris unveiled

 A new icon of Our Lady Star of the Sea, 'Stella Maris', patroness of mariners, was unveiled at a special Mass in Glasgow to celebrate the ministry of the Apostleship of the Sea. The Archbishop of Glasgow, Most Rev Mario Conti, was the chief celebrant at the Mass in St Aloysius' Church, Glasgow to mark the unification of AOS ,Scotland with its counterpart in England and Wales to form one entity for Great Britain. The Bishop of Aberdeen, Rt Rev Peter Moran, and many other priests also took part Speaking after the Mass, the Rt Hon Michael Martin MP, Speaker of the House of Commons, addressed the congregation and voiced his strong support for the ministry of AOS. He spoke about how his father, a merchant seaman, had greatly appreciated the solidarity and support of AOS at a time of great need, and stressed that the ministry of AOS was essential in today's globalised shipping industry. AOS was originally founded from St Aloysius' Church in Glasgow in the late nineteenth century. It was officially founded as an agency of the Catholic Church in Scotland in 1922.

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