Bristol: parishioner wins gold medal at World Games

 As we reported last month Peter Clark from St Teresa's Parish in Filton, Bristol has been in Paris competing in the World Dwarf Games. Peter's dad, Pete describes how things went. Peter took part in both the 60 and 100 metre sprints and shot putt on the first day of competition. There was very stiff competition this time and he was unable to qualify for the finals of those events. Despite this he is all the more determined to succeed next time. In fact he has decided to add the discus to his events and is going to keep training from now on. The next games are national and will be held in Birmingham in May 2006. The next World Dwarf Games are in Northern Ireland in 2009. Peter's success came as he won a gold medal with the England football team! Not many people can claim that feat! There were four teams in the football tournament, five a side and England won beating Germany 4-0 and then USA 2-0 in the final. It was the highlight of the week with everybody involved in the games watching. The supporting England crowd made quite a noise. Peter also won silver with the hockey team. Peter is a very good ball player, mostly playing in defence. He managed to annoy one of the French forwards so much that he squared up to Peter in the semi-final. England were winning 5-2, and Peter was stopping all attempts by the Frenchman getting anywhere near England's goalmouth! All ended well with handshakes all round, but it just goes to show how seriously the world games are taken. The whole week was very well organised by the French Dwarf Athletic Association. Competitors and their families were transported to various venues, fed three times a day and had entertainment laid on every evening. This gave Peter a chance to meet new friends and mix with adults of his own stature. He lives in a world designed for people of normal height but for this one week he can mix with similar people. This aspect of the games is as important as the sporting activities.

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