Christians demonstrate against Religious Hatred Bill

 A number of protests against the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill have taken place in London over the last few days. On Saturday around 5,000 Christians from all denominations came together in Hyde Park to pray that it is dropped. The demonstrators said they believe if the Bill is passed it is likely to have the opposite effect to that intended by setting one faith community against another and provided legal ammunition for one community against another in court. They say the Bill would contravene of the European Convention on Human Rights, restrict their freedom of speech and freedom to preach the Gospel. Tomorrow, when the Religious Hatred Bill goes to the House of Lords, a peaceful demonstration is planned outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. The rally will start at 1pm and finish at 4pm. A petition will be presented to the Prime Minister and Her Majesty's Government on behalf of the Christian Community against the Proposed Racial and Religious Hatred Bill. For more information see: Source: Lawyers Christian Fellowship

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