British Muslim leader launches interfaith lecture series

 The 'Learning to Live Together' Roscoe Lecture Series was launched on Monday with a lecture by Sheikh Dr Zaki Badawi, Islamic scholar and principal of the Muslim College, London. Leading representatives from the Christian, Jewish and Muslim faiths are taking part in the series, which aims to promote greater inter-faith dialogue and co-operation. Following the London terrorist attacks in July 2005, Dr Badawi spoke alongside fellow British faith leaders, including the Archbishop of Canterbury, in the Trafalgar Square Multi-faith service of Remembrance and Hope. Dr Badawi, who is also co-founder of The Three Faiths Forum, concluded the service by saying that "If everyone were filled with love, there would be no room for hate". Despite being celebrated for his attempts to establish a modern Islam that can fit comfortably with British values, Dr Badawi experienced religious discrimination first hand earlier this summer, when he was barred from entering the US. Despite being detained for six hours before being flown back to the UK, no explanation was given on why Dr Badawi was considered 'inadmissible'. An apology followed but his treatment highlights the problems faced by many in the fight against extremism. Source:

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