Scottish cardinal calls government to support marriage

 In a New Year's Day homily preached today in St Mary's Cathedral, Edinburgh, Cardinal Keith O'Brien claimed recent changes in society, have "promoted alternative lifestyles whilst undermining values which for generations have been treasured". His comments follow the introduction of recent legislation to allow same sex civil partnerships and the vote by the Scottish Parliament to dramatically reduce the waiting periods for divorce. The Cardinal said that the family, remains: "the basic social unit, which needs to be recognised protected and promoted as the most vital cell of society." While adding: "Sadly, we live at a time when the truth of marriage and family is obscured and distorted. It is not without reason that human societies throughout history and across cultures have flourished only when they have built their human relationships on the rock of marriage" He concluded with a call to: "remind our politicians that marriage and its unique status is still important to most of us." And endorsed last week's call (23 December) from Pope Benedict XVI to the UK Government to "acknowledge the indispensable role of stable marriage and family life for the good of society." Adding: "Only when our Government and our Parliament give unequivocal support to marriage and argue for its promotion can we begin to tackle the root of so many social ills." Source: SCMO

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