American project to support men after abortion

 A project to support men whose partners have had abortions has been started in the USA. Project Joseph is an initiative of Catholic Charities ministry in Kansas City. Co-ordinator Pat Klausner said it cuts through the stereotype that it is only women who suffer the effects of abortion. He said: "Men are deeply affected. I've had grown men cry in my office." Pat said that while some men find themselves initially relieved when their partner chooses abortion, they are later beset by feelings of guilt, experiencing regret and remorse. *Tomorrow, 27 April marks the 38th anniversary of the Abortion Act. A number of events will be taking place around the UK to mark this date. Women who regret their abortions will be gathering in Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow, on Saturday at 4pm to launch the Scottish Silent No More campaign. Source: CISA/SCMO

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