Archbishop of Southwark gives Sternberg Lecture

 The Most Reverend Kevin McDonald, Archbishop of Southwark delivered The Sigmund Sternberg Lecture on the theme "Inter-Religious Dialogue in a Globalised World" at the Chaplaincy of the University of Leicester yesterday. In his lecture the Archbishop called for a culture of dialogue dependent on a culture of religious freedom: "What is needed is as I have already intimated a culture of dialogue that is embraced by all people of faith and is a visible witness to people without faith." He continued, "a culture of dialogue requires and depends on a culture of religious freedom." The lecture considered interreligious dialogue from the perspective of the Roman Catholic Church's teaching and its commitment to this vital enterprise in today's world. Archbishop Kevin McDonald said if there is to be social cohesion and peace in the world it must be grounded in religious freedom and a spirit of dialogue. Religious faith is the most profound dimension of people's lives and it cannot be left out of any plans or projects for peace and social harmony. Sir Sigmund Sternberg is one of the founders of The Three Faiths Forum, Christian/ Muslim/ Jewish/Trialogue which is affiliated to the International Council Christians and Jews and the Inter Faith Network. For a copy of the full text of the lecture, please contact Mgr William Saunders: 020 7928 2495

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