Yorkshire parishioners say: 'why I like to be a Catholic'

 Parishioners at St Paulinus, Guisborough, North Yorkshire, have told each other 'why I like to be a Catholic.' Parish priest Canon Michael Bayldon, whocame up with the idea after attending a training course for diocesan parish priests, put his request for answers on a large noticeboard at the front of the church, asking people to write down their reasons on a piece of paper. There were 170 responses. Canon Bayldon said: "The exercise helps with the sense of being together in a community. It lets people share their common view of what is important to them." Among the comments are: "It's the best club to be a member of - the True Church.' "An unbroken tradition of faith and worship across the ages." "I belong." "It gives me great joy and comfort to come to Mass and peace of mind." "It gives life a purpose." "No matter what or where I stray, the Church is always there to forgive."

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