Anglican priest leads service on his 100th birthday

 A retired vicar in Somerset returned to the pulpit at his local church in Wells to celebrate his 100th birthday. The Reverend Kingsley Laws, who officially retired in 1979, lead the service at St Thomas's and Wells with Horrington from memory, as his eyesight is "not what it was." He said: "I enjoyed the service very much. The congregation was very friendly. Rev Laws said he made a couple of small mistakes because the service was a little different from how he had remembered it, but, he said: "I think I managed pretty well." Rev Denys Goodman, 82, who attended the service, said: "It was inspirational, encouraging and very well received." Rev Laws began training for the priesthood at the age of 50, when he retired from being a policeman in Kenya and Fiji. He was ordained in Salisbury Cathedral in 1957 and served in churches across Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire. Source: BBC/ACN

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