Bristol: Muslim and Catholic leaders meet on first day of Ramadan

 Father Robert King, Clifton Diocese Interfaith Officer visited Mr Farooq Siddique at the Bristol Muslim Cultural Society in Easton, Bristol on Friday. At the meeting Father Robert passed on greetings on behalf the local Catholic community as the Muslim community begin Ramadan. Farooq and Father Robert also discussed reaction to the Pope's lecture at the University of Regensburg. An interview with a local newspaper also took place and both Father Robert and Farooq were scheduled to visit BBC Radio Bristol later in the day. Father Robert said: "I was delighted to meet with Farooq at the beginning of Ramadan. It is good to reaffirm our commitment to ongoing dialogue and openness to better understand each other's faith. The local and Catholic media have always reported our joint efforts and I am grateful for their coverage of our continued spirit of friendliness and trust in the light of recent events." Source: Clifton Diocese

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