Glasgow parish devastated after body of Polish girl found in church

 Flowers and tributes have been piling up outside St Patrick's Church in Glasgow, where the body of Polish girl was discovered on Friday night. She was formally identified as Angelika Kluk yesterday. Angelika had been living in the parish at the invitation of the parish priest Fr Gerry Nugent, and working at the church to raise money for her studies at the University of Gdansk. This had been her second summer holiday in Glasgow. Members of her family had also been to visit. The church was cordoned off by police all weekend. Sunday Masses were held at a nearby church where special prayers were said for Angelika and her family. Ronnie Convery Director of Communications for Glasgow Archdiocese said Fr Gerry Nugent was "utterly shattered." He quoted the priest saying: "It is unbelievably horrific. She was a careful and sensible girl. She gave regular readings at Mass, attending various services through the week and played such an active part in the church. Her sister and father also spent time here. We are shocked and bewildered and struggling to take this in. Strathclyde Police have confirmed the man wanted in connection with Angelika's disappearance has been arrested in London for an unrelated offence.

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