Catholic Workers to join peace camp in Parliament Square

 Members of the London Catholic Worker community will be joining other peace campaigners in the 'Mass Action Group' (MAG) in a 24 hour peace camp in Parliament Square this weekend. One of the tents will be a Prayer Tent with a liturgy organised by the Catholic Workers. The protest is backed by over 50 anti-war groups including the Stop the War Coalition and CND. Dozens of tents, decorated with anti-war artwork, will be erected in the Square, alongside scores of placards bearing the names and photographs of Iraqi civilians who have died as a result of US/UK military action in Iraq Campaigner Maya Evans said: "The occupation has killed tens of thousands of Iraqis, helped to push Iraq into a state of civil war, and is acting as a recruiting sergeant for extremists across the Muslim world, endangering both Iraqis and ourselves. Moreover 78% of Iraqis believe the occupation is causing more conflict than it prevents. It,s time to end Britain,s participation in this disastrous and immoral occupation." On Friday at 7.30pm Maya will be launching her new book 'Naming the Dead A Serious Crime' at Housemans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Rd, London N1 9DX. On Saturday, people will assemble at Northwood Military HQ in North London to commemorate the deaths of civilians in Fallujah by tying the names of the dead to the fence of the base.

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