Journalist of the Year Award

 Catholic journalist Paul Donovan has been awarded the Journalist of the Year award by the community based campaigning organisation London Citizens. London Citizens is made up of community based organisations, trade unions and schools across the capital coming together in The East London Communities Organisation (TELCO), South London Citizens and West London Citizens. Donovan won the award for his coverage of a number of social justice issues, particularly relating to the living wage and undocumented (illegal) workers campaigns. In making the award at the University of Notre Dam in London, Neil Jameson, the lead organiser with London Citizens, said: "Paul has been an outstanding friend and ally to this CITIZENS movement for the last ten years, being with us at every step of the road and at the highs and lows of the social justice campaigns we have pursued. He is a top class journalist who not only writes well and lucidly but unusually (for his profession) he initiates, enquires, nurtures and stays with a story until it reaches some sort of conclusion. He looks below the incident which provokes the news to the moral and ethical issues it illustrates. The world is a safer place and we are all that bit more accountable to each other because of the great job he does as a journalist."

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