Book: 'Future of Church in Britain'

'The Future of the Catholic Church in Britain', the report by former head of the Catholic Media Office Tom Horwood, was published to widespread acclaim in 2006. Laicos Press is now offering the remaining copies at £3.99 (

Said the author: "The main aim of the book was to prompt a debate on how strategic leadership can benefit the Church today. I was delighted that all the publishing costs were recovered within a few months, and so I am happy for remaining stock to be made more widely available."

'The Future of the Catholic Church in Britain' was acclaimed in religious and secular press and on internet blogs. The author was invited to speak at parish and deanery meetings. Baroness Cumberlege invited him to present evidence to her committee reviewing child protection in the Church and her committee's final report acknowledged this input.

Horwood added: "Although it appeared two and a half years ago, most of the recommendations are still valid. If anything, the call for a clearer strategic direction is more urgent than ever."

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