Scottish bishop says Labour has created 'a morality devoid of any Christian principle'

 A Scottish bishop on Sunday declared that the Labour government in the UK has created "a morality devoid of any Christian principle" and warned that it should not rely on receiving the traditional working class vote in Scotland. Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Sunday Programme, the Bishop of Motherwell, the Rt Rev Joseph Devine, said: "For generations, including myself, Catholics in their droves tended to vote consistently for the Labour Party. But over the past few months it has been very noticeable, in conversations I've had with all manner of people, that that allegiance has been severely tested to the point, I think, of being broken." Bishop Devine expressed particular concern over Labour's family policies, and its support for civil partnerships and gay adoption. Scottish Catholic Church leaders complained earlier this year that they felt betrayed when it became clear that assurances given by Scottish ministers that faith-based adoption agencies could opt out of dealing with gay couples would be overruled by new equality legislation. The Catholic Church in Scotland has also been critical of the government on other issues. Cardinal Keith O'Brien has lead a campaign, together with leaders from other churches, against the replacement of the Trident nuclear weapons system due to be voted on in Westminster tomorrow.

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