Cross blessing in Swindon

 Special blessings of crosses took place at all Masses this weekend at St Mary's, Swindon. Similar blessings also took place in the town's Holy Rood, Holy Family parishes and the nearby Scared Heart in Wootton Bassett. Many parishioners brought crosses and crucifixes from their homes and were very appreciated having them blessed. The prayer of blessing included a blessing of the homes in which they are placed. Father Liam Slattery, St Mary's Parish Priest and Dean of Swindon, said: "The blessing was a reminder of the 'Home as a Holy Place." All the children at the Masses were given a gift of a little crucifix and were encouraged to keep it under their pillows, or in their pockets, or in their school bags. Some of the children's' comments: "It will remind me of Jesus in the night - that He's always with us. It will help me sleep, because I know nothing bad will happen." Lucy age eight. "I'm going to put it on the wall next to my bed. Every morning it will remind me to say a prayer." Ellie age eight. "I'm going to say thank you to Father Liam for my cross. He told me to put it in my pillow" Abby age four. "I am so pleased to have received the gift of a cross. It is what I have always wanted." Joseph age six.

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