Pax Christi welcomes NI power sharing agreement

 The British Section of Pax Christi has warmly welcomed the historic agreement reached by the two main parties in Northern Ireland. In a statement the organisation said: " The sight of the two leading, implacable souls, pledging themselves to work for a better and more stable future for all the people of Northern Ireland was truly remarkable. It marked an end to decades of bloodshed and violence and opened a new and promising chapter in the long and turbulent history of this part of Ireland. Everyone involved now owes it to the victims and suffering families of the conflict to seize this opportunity to build a lasting peaceful and just society. "The historic agreement sends a powerful message of hope not only to the long-suffering people of Northern Ireland but to those in other conflict situations that whatever their problems and difficulties peaceful progress is possible with trust and dialogue. "Our hope and prayer must be that the example of Northern Ireland will prove inspirational to all those who are working tirelessly and non-violently to bring about peace and justice in so many troubled areas of our world."

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