Holocaust bishop sacked

 Bishop Richard Williamson, the SSPX bishop who denies the Holocaust, has been removed from his post as head of a Catholic seminary in Argentina.

Last month Pope Benedict lifted an excommunication order on Bishop Williamson and three other SSPX bishops. When the Bishop's views on the Holocaust were made public there were worldwide protests. The Vatican said the Pope had been unaware of Bishop Williamson's views and had since ordered him to recant.

Bishop Williamson has said he will not immediately comply with the Pope's demand. He told Germany's Der Spiegel magazine that he would correct himself if the historical evidence warranted it but "that will take time".

In a statement, the head of the Latin American chapter of the Society of St Pius X, which runs the seminary in La Reja, said Bishop Williamson had been relieved of his position as director.

"Monsignor Williamson's statements do not in any way reflect the position of our congregation," said Father Christian Bouchacourt.

"It is clear that a Catholic bishop cannot speak with ecclesiastical authority except on matters concerning faith and morality," his statement said.

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