Concerns raised over new home baby gender test

 This month, DNA Worldwide launch the 'Pink or Blue Early Test Kit'. This home testing kit allows women to take a test that predicts the sex of the unborn child as early as six weeks gestation. Pro-life groups have expressed concern that this test will lead to more abortions. "We have already reached an alarming situation where hospitals in some parts of the UK will no longer disclose the gender of an unborn child due to the prevalence of abortion if the baby is of the 'wrong' sex," said Julia Millington of the Pro Life Alliance. "That hospitals adopt this policy shows that there is already a problem. Abortion for gender does not fall within the terms of UK abortion law, however, we are aware that the liberal application of the law makes the abortion babies of the 'wrong' sex a frightening possibility. "It is over ten years since India banned abortion for gender, as well as prohibiting the use of technology to determine the sex of an unborn child and yet they are still suffering the demographic consequences of social sex selection. "The UK prohibits social sex selection in IVF procedures and we urge the government to close any loopholes in the law that might lead to the abortion of babies of the undesired sex." Source: Pro Life Alliance

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