CAFOD campaigners set for anti-poverty protests from Thames to Baltic

 From the River Thames to the Baltic Sea, CAFOD campaigners will be telling the G8 leaders to keep their anti-poverty promises made at Gleneagles two years ago. Ahead of next week's G8 summit in Germany, two CAFOD campaigners, Liz Taylor from East Garth in Leeds and Caroline Shevelan, from Leigh in Lancashire, will be joining more than 10,000 other campaigners this Saturday on the River Thames in 'The World Can't Wait' demonstrations. They will be making their voices heard as they 'shout' the message, that 'the World Can't Wait', the G8 must deliver on their promise to the world's poor and double spending on development aid. From London, Liz and Caroline will then prepare to head off to the Baltic Sea and the G8 in Germany. There they will join another demonstration in the city of Rostock near to the spa town of Heiligendamm where the G8 summit will be held. They will also be taking part in an alternative G8 summit and attending a rock concert. Liz is the deputy head at St Philips Catholic Primary School, and mother of three. She is a veteran campaigner of almost ten years, attending in 1998 the campaigns and demonstrations against third world debt that culminated in a human debt chain wrapping Birmingham during the G8 held there. She was in Edinburgh as part of the MAKE POVERTY HISTORY march. Caroline, also a mother of three, has been very active in her local community promoting trade justice, and working on fair trade campaigns. She was involved in the Drop the Debt rally in London in 2000 and has been campaigning ever since.

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