Letter from Muslim Doctors Association

 Last Friday we published a letter from the Islamic Medical Association UK in response to the recent bomb threats. The Muslim Doctors' Association has also asked us to publish the following letter: Dear Editor "It is imperative that the whole world stands together against those who display malevolence towards any faction of society. The Muslim Doctors Association is shocked by the atrocities that were allegedly conducted by Muslim Doctors. We decry violence and work ardently towards the alleviation of the difficulties of human life. We recognise the issue of terrorism in its broader perspective and convey more strongly than ever before that the religion of Islam offers no consolation to terrorists and nor does Islam spur such activity. On the contrary we are instructed to serve humanity in the kindest and softest manner. We also encourage our members to work closely with the authorities and assist in any way they can. We ask the public including Muslims not to be mislead by the tones generated by extremists and we promote the healthy Islam as practiced and preached by our Beloved Prophet Muhammed (pbuh)". Muslim Doctors Association

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