Latin Mass societies welcome Pope's Motu Poprio 'Summorum Pontificum'

 Latin Mass societies have welcomed Pope Benedict's Motu Poprio, 'Summorum Pontificum' which liberalises access to the traditional Latin Mass which was largely replaced by Mass in the vernacular in countries around the world after the Second Vatican Council. In a statement, The Latin Mass Society of Ireland (LMSI) said: "We are very grateful to the Pope for enriching the life of the Church in this way and for enhancing legitimate liturgical diversity. In doing this Pope Benedict is building on the foundation laid by his predecessor Pope John Paul II in his 1988 Indult Ecclesia Dei Adflicta. "We in the LMSI are thankful to the many Irish Bishops who have accommodated Catholics attached to the traditional Mass; we intend to continue working with them and their priests, and with many ordinary Catholics who want to pray according to this ancient form." The English Latin Mass Society said in a statement: "Thirty-seven years ago, the Latin Mass Society was denounced by The Universe newspaper for its attachment to the Traditional Latin Rite under the banner headline, 'Latin Madness'. Today, the loyalty, determination and sufferings of the Traditional faithful have been vindicated by Pope Benedict XVI's wise and pastoral motu proprio. This document puts an end to the discrimination, marginalisation and exclusion which, too often, Traditional Catholics have suffered. Instead, Pope Benedict has stressed legitimate diversity in the liturgical life of the Church and has enjoined the equality of all validly celebrated rites. In this respect it is important to note Pope Benedict's explicit statement that the 1962 Missal of Blessed John XXIII 'was never juridically abrogated and consequently, in principle, was always permitted.' "The consequences of Pope Benedict's motu proprio and accompanying letter to the bishops will be worked out in the years ahead. The LMS draws attention to Pope Benedict's statements that this motu proprio was necessary to accommodate the legitimate desire of the many young people and young families who have attached themselves to the Traditional usage worldwide, and to his wish that the frequent celebration of the Traditional Rite might be a yardstick to assist in the stabilisation of the new rite. "Particularly important is Pope Benedict's implicit admission that many bishops could and should have done more over the years to accommodate the legitimate needs of those attached to the Traditional Rite. "However, now is the time for the 'interior reconciliation in the heart of the Church' for which Pope Benedict calls. The Latin Mass Society intends to do all in its power to facilitate this reconciliation and to 'make room for everything that the faith itself allows'. In concrete terms the LMS will prepare the ground to make available practical advice and resources to priests and faithful who wish to introduced the Traditional usage into their parish life. We also propose to work closely with the bishops to ensure adequate and widespread provision of the Traditional Rite at convenient locations and convenient times. This, of course, will include all the Sacraments." Julian Chadwick, Chairman of the LMS, said: "The LMS will roll out new initiatives and landmark events in the autumn after the motu proprio comes into effect. We propose to ask the Holy Father to celebrate publicly the Traditional Rite as a mark of unity. This is a great day for the Church, particularly in Europe, where those attached to both the Traditional and new usages can now pull together as equals to launch the re-evangelisation of the continent."

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