Conference of Religious welcomes Cumberlege report

 The Conference of Religious of England and Wales today warmly welcomed the publication of the Cumberlege Commission's findings into the Catholic Church's progress in implementing recommendations laid out by the late Lord Nolan in 2001 for the protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults. The Conference of Religious is grateful to Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O'Connor for establishing the Review and inviting Baroness Cumberlege to chair the Review Committee. The Conference, as co-sponsors, would like to express their thanks to the members of the Commission for their far-reaching, sensitive listening & dedicated exploration of how we, as a whole Church community, have responded to the challenge of being an example of good practice in the prevention of and response to abuse of children and vulnerable adults. Sr Jane Bertelsen, on behalf of the Conference of Religious, said: "The Cumberlege Commission, through their independent, thorough and painstaking examination of the current reality within the whole church, presents us today with the opportunity to acknowledge the extensive progress made over the past five years and to be challenged to move forward wholeheartedly with the work which still needs to be done. "Whilst all of us who minister within the church would hold as central the protection of those who are weak and vulnerable we need to continue to ensure that this central gospel mandate is couched in professional and transparent policies and procedures. "We look forward to studying the findings of the Commission and engaging with our members in a period of reflection and discernment. Then, in close collaboration with the Bishops Conference, take the opportunity the report and its recommendations offer to move forward confidently in our work of safeguarding all who are vulnerable in our communities." Source CoR

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