Darfur Bishop seeks more Irish Missionaries for Sudan

 Bishop Macram Gassis of the Diocese of El Obeid in Sudan, which includes the territory of Darfur, will visit Ireland from October 19 to 26. Bishop Gassis has been invited to Ireland by the Irish Missionary Union (IMU) to heighten our awareness of the great suffering endured for so many years by the people of Sudan and especially today, by those living in Darfur. Bishop Gassis appeals to the various Irish missionary organizations to send more personnel to help with the reconstruction of Sudan. "His visit will remind all Irish people of the suffering in Darfur and the great service rendered by missionaries in so many troubled spots of the world." said Sr. Miriam Duggan, President of the Irish Missionary Union. A Franciscan Missionary for Africa and a medical doctor herself, Sr. Miriam spent over 30 years working in neighbouring Uganda. She added "October will be a time for all to pray for our suffering brothers and sisters throughout the world. The presence of Bishop Gassis, is a concrete reminder to all of us of how fortunate we are here in Ireland and of our responsibility to respond to the situation in Sudan". During the month of October and especially on Mission Sunday, October 21, the Irish Church proudly celebrates its long missionary tradition of Gospel witness. The 2,183 Irish born missionaries still serving in 84 different countries across the world, represent Ireland's largest emigrant grouping abroad, people who are bringing hope, aid and assistance to so many marginalized people in our world. For more information see: www.imu.ie/ Source: IMU

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