Christian Ecology Link promotes sustainable living

 At Christian Ecology Link's 25th Annual Members Meeting at Lancaster on Saturday, 3 November, members discussed what the distinctive contribution of CEL should be to the major issues of our day, such as climate change and species loss. They said their work is not so much about focusing on environmental disasters as finding ways to help society make the transition to living in a way the planet can sustain. "We need to make a transition to a healing and appropriate way of life on the planet", said Barbara Echlin of CEL, "whilst quickly changing our lifestyles and ways of doing business to prevent the disaster from getting far worse". CEL is planning to launch a new publication in Spring 2008, called ' Storm of Hope', which will provide an attractive 'manifesto' of the kind of world which CEL prays and works for. This meeting was followed by a conference on Environmental Justice at the Chaplaincy Centre of Lancaster University, organised by CEL and the Lancaster Diocesan Faith and Justice Commission. Professor Leo Pyle spoke on climate change and the challenge of sustainability; Ellen Teague addressed the consequences of climate change for the poor; and Sr Margaret Atkins offered a theological reflection. Participants in the packed Catholic Chapel agreed to a proposal for lobbying Lancaster Diocese to develop an environmental policy. Workshops included Eco-Congregation, Operation Noah, Carbon Footprinting, Environmental Spirituality and finding out about a Lancaster Council House that has been renovated to be an eco-house.

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