North Wales: Sisters' Carol Service will reflect on ideas of Einstein and Pope Benedict

 Reflecting on such different things as Einstein's ideas on time and Pope Benedict's ideas on the Word of God, the Poor Clare Colettines in Hawarden North Wales are having a carol service for the beginning of Advent on Saturday December 1st at 6.30 in the evening. All people of good will welcome! The theme of time winds in and out of a prayer of their fourteenth century reformer St Colette which begins Blessed be the Hour. Time - the great fifth dimension - in time can we live and move, we are not statues in an exhibition. When this moment has passed you will never get it back! Blessed be the hour when time was created, blessed be the moment when life came in to being, Blessed be the Hour when Jesus Christ true God and true man was born - and blessed be the hour I began to live..... Join us at Ty Mam Duw Poor Clare Colettine Community, Upper Aston Hall Lane, Hawarden, Deeside CH5 3EN Phone o1244 531029 or see: for further details.

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