Bethlehem Advent and Christmas resource pack for parishes

 The Amos Trust has launched it's latest resource pack, Voices from the Ghetto - Bethlehem 2007, to assist churches of all denominations in capturing the reality of present day Bethlehem in their Advent and Christmas services. The title of the pack Voices from the Ghetto and the image on the cover are taken from graffiti sprayed on the Separation Wall inside Bethlehem. The pack combines personal updates from Amos' partners in Bethlehem with prayers for the four Sundays of Advent, poems and meditations by among others Garth Hewitt and Wendy Ross-Barker, as well as songs and updated carol lyrics. Amos Trust promotes justice and hope in different areas of the world. The Trust has partner projects in Gaza, on the West Bank in Bethlehem and in Israel and works with Jewish, Muslim and Christian peacemakers. Amos Director, Canon Garth Hewitt, said: "There is a humanitarian emergency unfolding before our eyes. I was in Bethlehem a few weeks ago - It is a town locked behind the Separation wall - a prison of humiliation and lack of freedom. The church is currently silent yet we are seeing the destruction of the 2,000 year old Christian community in the place of Jesus' birth. At the same time we should be speaking up on behalf of all Palestinians, regardless of faith. "The shameful conditions forced upon Palestinians in Bethlehem should cause Christians and people of all faiths to work together to seek a just and peaceful way forward.': Voices from the Ghetto - Bethlehem 2007 is available as a free download from:

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