Newcastle: nun welcomes return of 'Messiah' Kevin Keegan

A nun in Newcastle-upon-Tyne has given her blessing to the return of football legend Kevin Keegan as manager of Newcastle United. Sister Josepha Matthews, 53, headteacher of St Vincent's Primary School in Walker, Newcastle, has been a Magpie fan for more than 26 years.

She told the Newcastle Journal: "This news is just fantastic. It's OK that people call him the 'Messiah'. I don't think Jesus would mind. We are all Messiahs if we can raise people's spirits and give a bit of hope. You can be called a Messiah if you can fulfill people's dreams." "You need the skills to be able to do that" Sr Josepha said. "But you also need the passion. Everyone is behind him because last time he was manager he gave 100%. And with him I am sure the desert will bloom again." Sister Josepha, whose convent is in Gosforth, has become renowned across Newcastle for her football songs in which she combines worship and the beautiful game to create memorable anthems for her pupil's to learn.

She has played football herself since she was a schoolgirl centre forward and now teaches the young players on her school team the principles of 'peace, truth and loyalty'. Despite not having their own pitch, her school sides have won three trophies in three years and have appeared in a national tournament at Old Trafford. Sister Josepha also organises coaching schemes with Newcastle United for boys and girls aged four to 11 years. One of Sister Josepha's songs goes:

I come to bring the secret The secret of success The secret of the Championship The key to our happiness. The Lord sent me from Heaven Back down to Geordieland The Good Lord says just play it cool Take one game at a time.

Source: Peter Dunne/The Journal/BBC

Posted 21 January 2008

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