Positive Catholics Lenten Liturgy

 Positive Catholics are holding a special liturgy for Lent. The group, a peer support network for Catholics living with HIV, meet regularly in each others homes to pray together, share stories and exchange information. They also conduct a weekend away each year, to reflect on faith in the light of their experience living with HIV. The Lenten liturgy will be lead by Fr John Sherrington, CP, and will include the Sacraments of Reconciliation and Anointing of the sick. "This is an opportunity for us to prepare for Easter", said Vincent, one of the group facilitators, " and to reflect upon our journey in faith together, as people facing very real challenges living with the virus. In sharing and naming our experience with each other, we can renew our sense of hope, find encouragement and increase our awareness of how Christ is present to us through HIV". Any person who is Catholic and living with HIV is welcome to attend the liturgy which will take place at The Jesuit Chapel, (not the main Church), 114 Mount Street, London SW1K 3AH, from 2-5pm on Saturday February 23rd. The group hopes that this will provide an opportunity for new members to make contact, and there will be a chance to meet and chat with others with light refreshments afterwards. For further details visit: http://positivecatholics.googlepages.com email positivecatholics@gmail.com or ring vincent on 07952475615.

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