No Hands But Ours' - new multi-media Justice and Peace resource

 Details of "No Hands But Ours", a new ecumenical multi-media resource to help church groups promote Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation in London and Hertfordshire, were announced at a launch event held in London yesterday. 'No Hands But Ours' contains an interactive CD, which includes a range of specially filmed 'Beacons of Hope' video stories of volunteers working at the grassroots on issues including homelessness, refugees, Fair Trade and peace, together with interviews with some of London's church leaders. Produced by the Diocese of Westminster's Justice and Peace Commission, the Diocese of London together with the London Church Group for Social Action, the resource also includes a 28 page booklet packed with information, ideas and spiritual inspiration and details of other resources. 'No Hands But Ours' will also be available later in the year on the websites of the Diocese of Westminster and the Diocese of London. The authors of 'No Hands But Ours", Barbara Kentish, Father Joe Ryan and Liz Steward of the Diocese of Westminster's Justice and Peace Commission and the Revd Chris Brice, Adviser for Social Justice for the Diocese of London below explain the background to and inspiration for the resource:- "We know we live in a global village, and that some of the issues we face in our society are linked to those in other parts of the world. Many Christians feel strongly that they should be working to address issues of Justice and Peace both here and in the wider world. Often we do not know where to start, and imagine that we are isolated voices. "No Hands But Ours" has been produced to address precisely this sense of powerlessness, and we hope that this new multi-media resource will help and support Justice and Peace groups across London and Hertfordshire to work for the social change we believe will witness to the reign of God. " "In producing the material we have been inspired by a range of "Beacons of Hope", projects working for change, based in churches, and relying principally on the work of volunteers. Some work directly with people in need: the homeless, refugees, recovering addicts. Others campaign on issues: peace and climate change. All began small, but have achieved miracles of change with very few resources. The message is, Christ has no face but ours, no hands but ours." "Our booklet covers the spirituality of Justice and Peace. We work with people of all faiths and none in many campaigns, but the source of our strength is faith in Christ's transforming power, and we give suggestions for scripture readings and liturgy. As Christians in the London area, moreover, we take pride in carrying on a tradition of social reform which includes the nineteenth century reformers such as Elizabeth Fry, William Wilberforce, Cardinal Manning, Lord Shaftesbury, William Booth and others." "We have worked hard to ensure that this material can be used by Christians of all denominations. At the grassroots, many campaigners are already working together on Fair Trade, homelessness and peace. The stark realities of climate change mean that all our actions must be linked: the photographs of our fragile beautiful world, taken from space by the Apollo and the Space Shuttle missions, illustrate that we really are one human race and need to work together to overcome our divisions."

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