Jerusalem Peacemakers to visit UK

 Two internationally acclaimed peacemakers from Jerusalem are visiting the UK next month. Their extensive 14 day tour includes Oxford, Birmingham, Edinburgh, London, Gloucester, and Brighton. Eliyahu McLean, a Jewish, ordained Rodef Shalom (Pursuer of Peace) and Sheikh Abdul Aziz Bukhari, a Muslim, Sufi leader and Head of the Uzbek Community in Jerusalem are co-directors of Jerusalem Peacemakers, a not for profit organisation, engaged in peace building work in Israel/Palestine and beyond. They have many years experience of working with Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Druze Israelis and Palestinians throughout Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. They have helped to found and contribute to several organisations focused on bringing together people from different and often opposing groups and backgrounds, fostering mutual understanding, trust and respect. One of these hopeful initiatives for change is the "On the Way to Sulha" movement, which holds regular dialogues and an annual 3 day event involving thousands of Palestinian, Israeli and international partners working for peace in the Holy Land. These peace workers will inform us of the latest news, bring insights into the tools and dynamics of their peace building work which uses holistic and spiritual principles and share how ordinary people from diverse ethnic, cultural and faith groups are gathering together in the quest to bring harmony and reconciliation to the Holy Land. For further details of the events and locations please email or phone 07711 960644

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