Ship of Fools to celebrate 10th birthday

 On 1 April 2008 Ship of Fools the on-line magazine of Christian unrest, will have sailed the high seas of cyberspace for a decade. To celebrate, the editors plan to crack open a bottle of wine (non-alcoholic variety, of course). And they invite readers to join them to: * Find out why... people at more than 150,000 computers now book a voyage with them each month * Reflect... on a decade of The Mystery Worshipper, Gadgets for God, Signs and Blunders, the Fruitcake Zone, St Pixels - and much, much more * Discover... how cotton reels can prevent wet dreams * Vote for... the worst-ever Christian record cover * Debate... the vexed issue of blasphemy * Board... our brand new online chat room and chapel * Join... more than 13,000 members in Heaven, Hell and Purgatory - bulletin boards that 'make others look anaemic' (Church Times), To see what this is all about, visit:,

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