Pax Christi plans silent vigil at Tony Blair lecture

 This Thursday, 3 April Tony Blair is going to give the first in a series of talks at Westminster Cathedral. His theme will be Faith and Globalisation. The Catholic peace movement Pax Christi issued the following statement yesterday: 'Pax Christi is planning to hold a silent vigil in the Piazza in front of the Cathedral from 6.30 that evening (the talk is at 7pm) to call to mind and to public attention, Tony Blair's involvement in the Iraq War and ongoing occupation, in his involvement in the decision to replace Trident, as well as other aspects of his premiership that have created global polarity rather than global solidarity between peoples.' For more information call: 0208203 4884 or visit: At 7pm, Stop the War campaign will begin a'wall of sound' demostration in the Piazza. Dozens of choirs, bands and individual musicians have pledged to take part. A spokesman said: "This is not an attack on Blair's freedom of speech, but on his right to be treated as a pillar of respectability, when he is a war criminal who should be brought to account for his part in the slaughter of up to one million Iraqi civilians and the deaths of British troops." Stop the War will be providing earplugs free to all participants. For more information see:

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